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I’m Daniel, an architectural and interior photographer based in Singapore. 

Through my experiences, I mainly focus on natural light and artificial light where appropriate to best depict the natural environment of the space, showcasing the realism and beauty of the space.

I also have a passion for documentary photography as I believe in storytelling. Filled with a positive obsession and curiosity, I long to hear and experience unique encounters. I have spent three months living life on the road in America to braving the extreme cold in Lapland, Finland without electricity and running water with over 80 huskies.

On rare occasions, I can be away from a few weeks to a few months, depending on where my next adventure brings me. But till then, I will be here waiting for you!

On days when I’m not shooting for clients, I will be at a local cookie shop or going out for a hike/run. I also look forward to days that revolve around my favourite television shows or researching on new adventures.

I would love to work and spend my day(s) with you! Let me help you to bring out your ideas and concepts to life with my photography. I hope to create timeless imagery that leaves a lasting impression. 

If you would like to work together, or just to hang out, please do not hesitate to drop me an email below.

You may download my portfolio for future reference through here.



Email: hello@danielkoh.co

Mobile: +65 9127 7250


Based in Singapore, available Wordwide. 

Addressee and Company Name
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Airbnb Experiences
Shimizu Corporation
Far East Hospitality - Village Hotel Sentosa & The Outpost Hotel
Club Med Bali
Club Med Kani
Club Med Finolhu
Pure Fitness & Yoga
Word of Mouth House
Red Bean Architects
Nitto Denko (Singapore)
Elite Havens
Villa Getaways