Daniel Koh


Daniel Koh is a Singapore based photographer specialising in Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Travel Photography.

Daniel focuses on natural light, and artificial light where appropriate to best depict the natural environment of the space, showcasing realism and the beauty of the space

Aside from architectural and interior photography, he is always working on exciting new projects that allows him to travel and document the unique approach to life – Documenting a 3-month road trip in America, living life on the road, a partnership with Jucy Rentals in New Zealand, staying at a husky farm in the far north of Lapland, Finland, which was featured on The Straits Times, Life and Sidetracked Magazine

Daniel hopes to work closely with those who wish to create lasting impressions, to bring ideas and concepts to life with his photography skills. 

He'd love to work with you!



Email: hello@danielkoh.co

Mobile: +65 9127 7250


Based in Singapore, available Wordwide. 



Airbnb Experiences
Shimizu Corporation - Changi Airport Group
Far East Hospitality - Village Hotel Sentosa & The Outpost Hotel
Club Med Bali
Club Med Kani
Club Med Finolhu
Pure Fitness & Yoga
Word of Mouth House
Red Bean Architects
Nitto Denko (Singapore)
Elite Havens
Villa Getaways